Tiree Kirk Sessions

Kirk-sessions met irregularly on a needs basis in each parish of the Church of Scotland. They were conducted by the parish minister and elders of the church and dealt with sins or misdemeanours of parishoners, such as adultery, fornication, Sabbath-breaking and drunkenness. The zealousness with which these sins or misdemenours were identified and prosecuted varied between parishes. Records of the proceedings may give you information about your ancestors that you won't find in baptism. marriage or census records.

Tiree Kirk Session Minutes 1767-1774
An undated transcript of Kirk Session minutes recorded in the Tiree Parish Register from 1767 to 1774 was made some years ago by Archibald Strath Maxwell, a professional genealogy researcher, and later reproduced on LDS Film No.0845450. The data presented here were transcribed from the LDS film by Ann Hentschel. The transcript shows the sort of information one may find about one's ancestors in the Kirk Session records.
To download Ann Hentschel's transcript, click here .

Index to Tiree Kirk Session Minutes 1775-1865
The Minute Book for the Tiree Kirk Sessions 1775-1865 is available to view (for free) in the Virtual Volumes section of the Scotlands People website. However the minutes are not indexed, so searches for a particular name and place can take a very long time and be almost impossible for many people. Allan Murphy, an Australian of Tiree ancestry, has solved this for us by indexing the Kirk Session minutes, so now with just a couple of clicks you can find if there are any entries about your ancestors in the minutes, and the date(s) of those entries. With that information you can go to the Scotlands People website and quickly scroll down through the Kirk Session Minutes to find the actual entries.
To download Allan Murphy's Index to Tiree Kirks Session Minutes 1775-1865, click here .
To view the Kirk Session Minutes, go to https://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/virtual-volumes/reference-search , enter CH2/482/1 in the Reference field, and click on Search. You will then need to login or register (at no cost) to view the Minutes.