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The MacFadyen - McPhadden Family
in Coll and Tiree


Glenda McPhadden Franklin
& Gene Donald Lamont

This book-length work is divided into two parts that are downloaded separately by clicking on the Part 1 and Part 2 links in the table of contents below.
The Genealogy Reports can be downloaded as a single file by clicking on the Part 2 link, or as individual files by clicking on the Report links.
Inquiries, additions or corrections are welcome: to contact the author Glenda McPhadden Franklin, click here .

Part 1 Historical Background 1-14
Chart I Breacachadh Castle, Men at Arms, July 3, 1679 3
Chart II Breacachadh Castle, Occupants, July 3, 1679 4
Chart III The MacFadyens in Ballyhough 5
Chart IV The 1709 Lawsuit List 9
Chart V McPhadens of Coll, 1716 10
Chart VI McPhadens of Tiree, 1716 11
Chart VII Tiree Rent Rolls, 1743 and 1747 11
Chart VIII McPhadens of Tiree, 1779 13
Sources 14

Part 2 Genealogy Reports 15-180
Report 1 The Early McPhadens in Coll 15-17
Report 2 Descendants of Duncan or Dougall Roy McPhaden in Coll 18-20
Report 3 Descendants of Dougall Roy McPhaden of Salum in Tiree and North America 21-98
Report 4 Descendants of Donald McPhaden of Caolas in Tiree and North America 99-180