Family Trees

Find out what Tiree family lines have already been researched!

The link in bold print at the bottom of the page takes you to an Excel spreadsheet listing information about, and internet addresses for, family trees that originate with ancestors in Tiree. The list is administered by Russ McGillivray.

New entries to the Family Trees list are always welcome. If your Tiree family tree is already on an internet site all you need to do is download Russís spreadsheet, add your details and internet address to the list, and then return the spreadsheet to him as an e-mail attachment. He will do the rest. There is a list of instructions on Page 2 of the spreadsheet - just click on the "Instructions" tab at the bottom of Page 1.

If you don't have an internet address for your family tree you might consider using the free and user-friendly RootsWeb WorldConnect site. Then, having established an internet address, proceed as above.

To download the Family Trees spreadsheet, click here .