Genealogical Records
of Coll and Tiree Families

Detailed records of ancestors and descendants of Coll and Tiree families from early times to their expansion in Coll and Tiree, and their further expansion in North America after the mass emigrations from Tiree in the 1800s. To download an article, click on its number in the table below.

No. Title Author(s) Outline Pages
1. The MacFadyen - McPhadden Family
in Coll and Tiree
Glenda McPhadden Franklin
& Gene Donald Lamont
The result of years of painstaking collaborative research, this is a history and detailed genealogical record of the McPhadens in Coll, their migration to and expansion in Tiree in the 1700s, and their further expansion in North America in the 1800s. The book-length article is divided into sections that can be downloaded easily. 180
2. Donald Maclean in Ruaig:
his Ancestors and Descendants
Gene Donald Lamont A genealogical record of the ancestors and descendants of Donald Maclean, a tenant farmer in the township of Ruaig, Tiree, in the 1700s. His ancestral line begins with the founder of Clan Maclean, Gillean of the Battle Axe, and includes links with Somerled, the Lords of the Isles, and Robert the Bruce. His descendant lines in Tiree and North America are recorded here. 78