Tiree History

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Title Author(s) Outline
Tiree: A History Billy Clelland A complete history of Tiree from pre-historic times to 1900. A scholarly work written in a very readable style.
They Came from Tiree Gene Lamont A history of Tiree from 7000 BC to the famine years and mass emigrations of the 1800s, with a final chapter on the early years of Tiree emigrant communities in Canada.
Tiree in the Viking Age Gene Lamont Reviews and interprets the impact of Viking raids and occupation of Tiree and other islands of the Southern Hebrides.
The Fifty Years War:
The Maclean-Campbell Conflict
Gene Lamont An account of the decline of the once powerful Clan Maclean at the hands of the Argyll Campbells, and the Campbell takeover of Maclean estates in Mull, Tiree, Coll & Morven.
The Lamonts of Tiree Gene Lamont An account of the rise of Clan Lamont in mainland Scotland, its decline after the Scottish War of Independence and its decimation in the Civil Wars of the 1640s, after which a few Lamonts sought refuge in Mull and Tiree.
Argyll Estate Instructions 1771-1805 Eric R. Cregeen Transcripts of the written instructions by the 5th Duke of Argyll to his Chanberlain about the management of the Argyll Estate in Tiree, Coll and Morvern, and the Chamberlain's written reports to the Duke, with an extensive preface and explanatory footnotes to the transcripts.
The Napier Commission 1883, the Tiree 'Crofters War' 1886, and related articles Iain Campbell,
Billy Clelland,
8th Duke of Argyll,
Nanette Mitchell,
Darryl Stout
& Keith Dash
A collection of articles and newspaper reports about the government-appointed Napier Commission that in 1883 inquired into the grievances of crofters in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and the 1886 insurrection by crofters in Tiree frustrated by the slow progress of reform that followed.